Res-Q ID Bracelet is for everyone.

Sports iD

Today’s sportsman needs a Res-Q ID that provides that added level of protection with the capability to record those vital medical emergency details and protect your expensive kit.

Family iD

Res-Q ID provides products to suit the needs of any family – parents and children. It protects your valuables and helps when the kids or the elderly go off on an adventure and cant find their way home

Out and About iD

It’s not just sports participants or people with a medical condition who benefit from carrying a personal ID. Emergency situations can develop anywhere and for anyone, so the simple act of carrying your emergency contact information in a convenient manner makes sense for everyone. Res-Q ID is for everyone.

Medical iD

Res-Q ID provides the perfect solution for anyone who needs to carry vital information about a medical condition. This could be a simple allergy, details of important medication being taken or information about medical conditions which needs to be communicated quickly to medical staff or first responders in the event of an emergency

Children ID

Finding better ways to protect kids and grandkids as they grow can be challenging. If your child were to go missing, Res-Q ID can be an essential tool to help law enforcement find you to get your child home safely and quickly .

Bikers ID

Traveling on a bike can be fun but also dangerous, with Res-Q ID you will be easily identified and assisted should you be in an accident.

On the Road ID

Being on the road can be very dangerous as you never know when an accident can happen. Have peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones can be reached easily by scanning your Res-Q ID and calling your emergency contact

Medication List

Keeping track of your chronic medication can be challenging. With Res-Q ID you can keep a list of your medication to easily give the information to your Doctor