Res-Q ID offers a range of personalized ID wristbands, cards and stickers that are suitable for athletes and families. Our customers use Res-Q ID as Medical ID, In Case of Emergency ID, Sports ID and much more. Res-Q ID is different to many other similar products because it includes the online ID profile that can be accessed easily which any device with a QR scanner (easily downloaded from your app store onto any smartphone/device)

The information available on the online profile are:

  • Your necessary information
  • medical alerts
  • emergency contact person
  • medical cover
  • chronic medication

and more it is not just a bracelet it is a rescue id. By scanning the QR code on the bracelet with any smartphone with a QR scanner (downloadable on any app store) your custom profile appears on the responders phone with a click to call button that calls your emergency contact.

Emergency rescue bracelets are for everyone.
All your important Information a click away. It could save your or your loved ones life.


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