How does the Res-Q ID bracelet work?

It is a Rescue Emergency bracelet that can store the Owner’s information, Medical history, Emergency contact information and Chronic Medication. When you scan the QR code, your identification sheet is automatically displayed on the smartphone and the person can read your information that you entered previously. You will always be in control of the personal and medical information displayed on your identification sheet.

Example 1: If you are unconscious after an accident, a first responder can scan the QR code on your bracelet. The information displayed will be: your name, any illnesses that require immediate attention besides the injuries suffered from the accident, your allergies, medication, medical history, blood type, doctor and pharmacist’s contact information and most importantly emergency contacts so that they can notify your loved ones of the situation, comfort and inform them that help is on the way and to which hospital you are going to. This will avoid any confusion and above all your information will be available quickly.

Example 2: Your child can easily get lost in a crowd either at a mall or any other public place. The person who finds your child will be able to scan the QR code on their bracelet and have the information to contact you immediately and tell you where your child is. This person will also know if your child has allergies, illnesses, medical history, medication, his or her doctor’s information, blood type etc. and act accordingly to the health of your child as they are waiting for you. Imagine all the stress and time you’ll save looking for your child!

Why Should I have a Res-Q ID Bracelet?

It could be the difference between life and death when you’re in accident and you’re unconscious or can not speak for yourself, the Res-Q ID can speak for you, all your information easily accessible

What if I have changes to my contact or medical information?

Simply log into your account any time to update your information. There is never a charge for updating your information. All changes are automatically linked to your current QR code.

What about Identity Theft?

Res-Q ID only collects emergency medical information and does not reveal confidential detail like ID Numbers or driver’s license numbers, eliminating the threat of identity theft.

But I have an ICE (In Case of Emergency) app on my phone

In most traffic accidents, your cell phone is the first thing that becomes a flying projectile; often lost in the vehicle and many times damaged and unusable. Also, research shows that over 74% of people that carry smartphones assign a passcode to access it. Even if you don’t have a passcode, Emergency Responders don’t expect to have access.

How do I activate/register my Res-Q ID Bracelet?

Log into our website go to the registration page, register and select your payment plan. Your information sheet can then be accessed from your secure log in to upload and update your information.

What is a QR code?

The QR code is a type of barcode in two dimensions that consists of black modules arranged in a square on a light background. The arrangement of these dots defines the information contained in the code. QR (short for Quick Response) means that the contents of the code can be decoded quickly after being read by a smartphone or a tablet. You must first download the application to your smartphone or tablet to be able to capture and view QR codes.

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